Want to Learn How to Write Literary Fiction? Interested in Lively Literary Analysis, Inspiration, and News?

Then you’ve landed in the right place.

We adore literary fiction, and while there’s some debate about what that is exactly, here we’re going to call it literature that seeks to dive into ideas, delves into the human condition, is character based, is more interested in language than plot, and isn’t afraid of being intellectual. Our own particular twist is that we don’t believe it has to be inaccessible or pretentious to be considered litfic.

No, this does not mean we’re against other types of writing, but this is the area we’re most interested in.

There are more nuances to litfic than that, so let’s consider this a definition in progress. We’ve got plenty of time to unpack the term.

In addition, for those of you with writing aspirations, we’ll teach you advanced writing techniques using exercises and examples drawn from some of the best fiction out there. Maybe most importantly — we aim to make it a fun and whimsical process. Writing is important, but it doesn’t have to be pretentious. Even if it is lit fic.

 Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf