About Us

About Us


Drēma Drudge is a 2013 graduate of the Spalding MFA in Creative Writing Program. She’s repped by the estimable Lisa Gallagher of Defiore and Company Literary Agency based in Manhattan’s Union Square.

In addition to being published in literary journals such as The Louisville Review, Drēma is the author of Victorine, a novel forthcoming from Fleur-de-Lis Press in 2019/20. She has finished a second novel and is revising it while researching her third. She often writes about art, the second passion in her life after writing.

Drēma has had the honor of seeing her stories published in the premiere issues of three magazines. She has won several small writing competitions over the years, the first one when she was in high school.

She has been mentored both officially and unofficially by some of the best literary fiction writers in the country.

One of her writing mainstays is essays for Chicken Soup for the Soul. The books allow her to share slices of her life. Barry teases that she’s writing her autobiography one Chicken Soup story at a time. Perhaps she is.

While her writing interests vary from art in all its forms to writing about food, Drēma is open to any and all things writing. She mostly writes about art, fitness, Virginia Woolf, and of course writing itself.

When Drēma’s not writing, she begs husband Barry to take her to the Indiana Dunes. Her fondest wish is to someday have a house there so she can visit the beach every day.

Learn more about Drēma and her writing at her personal website, dremadrudge.com.

Barry Drudge is a 2018 MFA in Creative Writing Spalding University graduate.

Barry holds the distinction in this writing super duo (you should see our capes!) to have been published first in a nationally and internationally available publication. Because his first published assignment was ghosted, it shall remain detailless here because we don’t write and tell. But if you keep in mind that Barry’s first love (after Drēma, she hopes) is music, you’re on the right track.

Because Barry has traveled extensively for his day job, he has recently been writing a series of short stories based on his time in China.

The pair lived in Nashville, TN for half a decade in the early 2000’s with their two children where they not only performed music, but also wrote songs and a probably-better-forgotten childrens musical. They were also honored to cook and distribute food for the homeless and visited inner city projects, attempting to bring hope and help where they could.

Barry appeared live on multiple occasions both playing guitar and singing on the internationally broadcast television show TBN, while Drēma joined him to sing BGV’s on the same stage on Sunday afternoons.

In addition to playing guitar for Grammy award winners, Barry wrote songs with several successful songwriters. His best efforts, however (says Drēma, because he’s too modest) show in his own songs.

They may have been starving artists, but they met tons of country and country gospel stars, made great friends and lived wonderful stories in Nashville. You might say they earned master’s degrees in Nashvillean, and they return to the city enthusiastically when time allows.