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WATT Podcast Launches! (Show notes, episodes 1-3)

Today’s the day! Head over to iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, or wherever you listen to podcasts to hear not only Episode 1 but Episodes 1-3! We’re so excited to share our thoughts on writing with you.

Show Notes Episode One: What the Heck is Literary Fiction? 

Our first show delves right into defining literary fiction. Hear us attempt to describe what, in our opinion,  the heck it is.

In this, our debut show, we dissect the first page of K.C. Kirkley’s work in progress, from chapter one, titled, Some Like It Hot.

The Whatcha Readin’? segment reveals that Barry has been going through a Stephen King phase during recovery from his carpal tunnel release surgeries. Drema shares her lists of to-be-reads, including Angie Thomas’ debut novel and  and a Larry McMurtry memoir.

Show Notes Episode Two: Literary Funk and Shuffle: Music and Writing 

Since Barry is a musician, he leads this discussion of how music and writing inform one another.

We read and critique E.L. Miller’s magical First Page of the novel she’s working on, Second Sight.

Although the episode refers to a song of Barry’s based on a Herman Melville poem is mentioned, After the Pleasure Party, he has declined to upload at the moment as it is currently being repurposed. (TBA!)

And as always, we discuss what we’re reading. Drema decides to take up the popular Where the Crawdads Sing (spoiler from the future: she loves it!) while Barry chimes in with his picks of the week.

Show Notes Episode Three: Living La Vida Non Local: Travel and Writing

We discuss how travel can affect and grow your writing. This episode’s writing instruction involves an assignment involving travel.

Whatcha Readin‘? reveals what books we are reading, have read, or are looking forward to reading. Stephen King, A. Scott Berg, Alexandra Horowitz, Elena Ferrante, and make our lists.

In News and Trends we discuss the faltering of print literary journals and ask readers to buy and subscribe to one if they can to keep them from dying off. (We love online journals, too, though.)

Our First Page segment takes a look at Elizabeth Burton’s novel-in-progress, The Puppet’s Voice.

Please subscribe, review, and share our podcast. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list here on our website for updates and offers.

If you’d like us to consider your unpublished first page of creative writing for critiquing on air, please send it to: writingallthethings1(at)gmail(dot)com.

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