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YOUR Writing Podcast Drops on June 3!

Don’t let the beach photos fool you. While yes, we did enjoy a weekend away (and I couldn’t resist snapping photos to use for Instagram backgrounds — copyright notice– ), we are on schedule for our June 3 launch of Writing All the Things, podcast version. And we are so excited!

Each week on the podcast you will hear literary instruction, analysis, inspiration, and news/trends with segments such as First Pages (featuring YOUR WORK)  and Whatcha Readin’? where we share the books obsessing us at the moment.


We’ve seen so many of your first pages of writing already. Thank you! What an honor to discuss your work on air. (Still taking first pages at: writingallthethings1(at)gmail(dot)com.) You’ve supported us on Twitter during an odd hiccup on their end while we worked to resolve it. You’ve followed, subscribed, liked, retweeted, and commented. Already we’re becoming a writing community if not, dare we say, family.

Please be patient as we refine the show, tailoring it more to what you want and, let’s be honest, as we get comfortable performing in a new format. Each episode goes a little smoother. With each recording we feel more confident. (Let’s be real here and admit each new venture has a learning curve.)

We have a public Facebook group for the podcast (Writing All the Things Podcast) where you can get #writing tips and prompts for beginners and advanced writers, ask questions or ask for writing advice. You can connect with us and other writers there, too. We heart our writer friends!


Continue to give us feedback, let us know what you want more of, less of. Subscribe to our mailing list. Follow the Insta, FB, and Twitter if you like. Support the podcast on Patreon. Let us know where else we should be. Tell us what you’re working on there, or just join in the discussion.

And please don’t forget to listen on June 3 (6 a.m. ET) and subscribe, review, and share. You can hear our biweekly podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and GooglePlay, as well as other places.


P.S. Some of our mailing list subscribers have said they haven’t been receiving updates. If you get this in your inbox could you reply with a quick “Got this?” Thank you!

Writing All the Things,

Drema and Barry

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