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Free First Page Critique On Air and Our Podcast Intro Music!

Dear Writers,

We get it. One of the hardest things to do is to get a sympathetic ear to hear your writing. It’s tough to get balanced, honest feedback. Guess what? We’re critiquing your first page of creative writing (stories, novels, poetry, creative memoir, whatever) free on our podcast, Writing All the Things. (Coming June 3, 2019.)

Intrigued? Send your first page to writingallthethings1@gmail(dot)com. Also send along a one-sentence bio and any writing projects you want us to promote.

While we already have the first month filled, get yours in so we can include it in July. As always, you can remain anonymous or we can refer to you simply by your social media info. You retain all rights. We’re just going to read it and discuss it on the show, pointing out what works and what might need tweaking in a supportive way.

Barry Drudge, Esq., the writer, performer, and producer of the intro music to our podcast, Writing All the Things, coming to iTunes June 3, 2019.

Oh, and our intro? Follow the link in the tweet below to take a listen. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Writing all the things,



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