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Writing All the Things Podcast Debuts June 3, 2019!

Barry and I have been plotting and planning a podcast for the past couple of years. Last summer we kinda did a test run on the beach, reading articles on literature and talking about them. It was fun, and only confirmed that we wanted to give it a try.

Why a podcast? For one thing, I (Drema) am a podcast junkie. I can’t tell you how many I subscribe to, though I don’t always listen to every episode.

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Another reason is the dearth of podcasts about literature that I want to hear. Sure, there are good podcasts about books (New York Times Book Review) and those on the craft of writing (#AmWriting).  And I adore Happier in Hollywood, hosted by Liz Craft and Sarah Fain, both television writers, though it’s much more about tips and tricks for life, especially in their L.A. sphere than writing. They’re the producers of the TV show The Fix, and, well, I’m hooked.

There are other podcasts I could mention, but none of them has it all. I want to hear instruction, analysis, inspiration, and news all on one podcast. I want to read and critique listener’s first pages. (We’re not the first to offer that either. The Manuscript Academy does a great job.) I want a space that can discuss literary fiction (not much out there for that) as well as fun pop reads. If you want inspiration (for just about any creative venture), Don’t Keep Your Day Job is where it’s at. But again, we’re looking to be a one-stop literary buffet. (Now there’s a memorable title!)

In a sense, you could say this is a pop culture guide to literary fiction. Hmm…if I didn’t know better, I’d say that fits nicely into novel #2 I’m hard at work on. Shhh…more later on that. We also call ours an irreverent look at all things writing, especially literary fiction.

Rant: the YA book culture is so supportive. On Twitter, podcasts, Instagram. Probably all the places, but that’s all I know. They are THERE for one another. They dominate YouTube. When I wanted to know what swag to buy for my upcoming book launch (yay!) I checked out YouTube and yup, I learned from the YA authors what to buy. (Picking out swag is SOOO much fun. I’m in the contemplation phase, though. SO many choices.)

Don’t get me wrong–I’m so happy for the YA community. But c’mon, litfic folks, let’s step it up while also remaining accessible and welcoming to all writers.

Unsure what constitutes literary fiction? Funny, our first episode is going to deal with that. Or try to.

We want a podcast that both new and experienced writers can enjoy. We want to entertain, instruct, and allow writers to consider literature deeply, whatever they are writing. Sometimes handling literature in a less reverent fashion causes it to open up in unexpected ways.

When the idea of beginning a podcast first started niggling at me, I knew I had to have a co-host. (Have you ever heard a show that has only one host and no guests? I don’t care how much I love them, it inevitably descends into tedium and overearnestness.)

It didn’t take much to convince my talented, fun, hubby to join me as co-host. Barry is a musician as well as a writer, so he’s totally comfortable before a mic. He has written our intro music, and I hope to share that soon with you! It’s soo good! He will be our editor and such. And he will hopefully balance my personality, will tease me when I get too serious. He’s such a people person, and I hope we have the synergy I believe we will.

In the meantime, you can get updates by either subscribing to our newsletter, or join our Facebook Writing All the Things Podcast group. Just pop over there and search. While you’re over there, tell us what you’d like to learn more about.

We’re also still accepting first pages of your creative writing of any kind to critique on air. Send yours to writingallthethings1(at)gmail(dot)com. Let us know if you prefer to remain anonymous, or we can use your name or social media handle. Don’t worry — we won’t be posting it online or publishing it in any way. You are only giving us the right to read it on air, nothing more.

Let the countdown begin!

Writing All the Things,





2 thoughts on “Writing All the Things Podcast Debuts June 3, 2019!”

  1. I finally took the time and opportunity to look up your podcast site! (For me) I like how you are coaxing folks interested in literary fiction out of ‘reverence,’ and into an ease of poking around at a possible genre. It makes me feel more included without being a pretender or snob. (When I listen to the first episode, I’ll know if I’m right!) Godspeed.

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