Rocketbook Everlast: A Writer’s Little Helper

Cupid gave me the best gift. Before I go on, though, let me be clear: this post IS NOT sponsored. My dearest bought me a Rocketbook Everlast for Valentine’s Day.

Why, you ask? Because I enjoy making lists and checking things off when I’ve finished them. Sometimes I am in the mood to write a story by hand, or I get some crazy idea for a poem and I jot it down. But how to keep it separated out from my other ideas? Rocketbook lets me send what I’ve written to wherever I please online: the cloud, email, Facebook…seriously…pretty much anywhere. Here’s the fun part: when you’re done, you merely erase the page with the provided eraser (slow going), or you wet a cloth and wipe it clean (much faster and more satisfying).

Reader, I’m smitten.

I’ve even found myself throwing out tablets of paper that I’ve been hoarding. I simply don’t need as many. I’ve been preaching the gospel of Rocketbook to my writing clients, too. They’re just as impressed as I have been.

Again: not a sponsored post.

But imagine, writer: you get the luxury of writing by hand with the convenience of being able to store it online. Rocketbook also offers a premium service where it translates your handwriting into Times New Roman or the like. The bit of my writing it attempted to guess at was hilarious, but it might work for yours. And I don’t need it to do that anyway. As much as I enjoy writing by hand, no way am I going to write an entire novel with these pickers and stealers.

If you’re thinking that I mainly like this because it reminds me of those cool wax slates you write on and lift the sheet and wipe clean, sure. (Do they still make those?) That’s part of it. But I really think it’s mainly because I get to handwrite my stuff, send it to my email or wherever, and clear it with one quick swipe (or two). Ta-da!

Part of the attraction is undoubtedly because one of the things I treasured most as a child was paper. Clean paper to write on. Tablets of paper? Bliss! When I cleared my shelves earlier today, I gave up seven empty notebooks. I simply don’t need them anymore. I’m passing them on to others who do. The Rocketbook saves me space, and it allows me to share. Win-win.

One of the things you do have to watch out for: don’t leave writing in your Rocketbook indefinitely. If you do, it won’t entirely erase. But leaving it a few days is fine. (I haven’t personally experienced this, but online reviews tell me so.)

Also, the book only comes with one pen. I haven’t lost the original yet, but I could see it happening. So I quickly ordered extra. They’re not terribly expensive, but they’re not cheap, either. Keep them separated from your regular pens so they don’t get confused for any old Paper Mate.

Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear, don’t use a regular pen with it. That is, if you want the ink to be erasable.

Avoid keeping your notebook in a hot car or the like. But if you do, don’t despair — if your ink has disappeared, put the notebook in the freezer. Your writing should reappear. (I haven’t tested that either yet, but it’s a cool feature I can see me needing sometime.)

Have you heard of this notebook? Does it sound like something you’d be interested in? If you try one, let us know! We can save trees together.

Writing all the Things,


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