Drema’s Debut Novel, Victorine, is Coming!

At last, at last! It's true, my debut novel is on its way later this year or early next year. My novel is about Victorine Meurent, known, sadly, by history as little more than painter Edouard Manet's favorite model when she actually went to art school and became a celebrated painter in her own right!… Continue reading Drema’s Debut Novel, Victorine, is Coming!


Something Rotten: A Lesson in Alliteration

Writing instruction, Writing Something Rotten!: A Lesson in Alliteration Drema DrudgeApril 1, 2019 First of all, welcome, new readers! So glad to have you aboard our writing raft. When is something rotten anything but? When it’s the musical, of course! Barry and I went to see the musical Something Rotten! recently.He bought me the cd… Continue reading Something Rotten: A Lesson in Alliteration


Committed to Good Literary Citizenship!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com If you’re a writer or a reader, you’ve likely heard the phrase “literary citizenship.” While it means different things to different people, to us at W.A.T.T. it means participating meaningfully and deeply in the literary life: reading, writing, sharing, suggesting. It means finding new ways to connect people and… Continue reading Committed to Good Literary Citizenship!